Congress Venue

There will be a change of the Dresden congress venue for the IAEA Conference from the Japanese Palace to the Academy of Fine Arts Building.

Although we had a longstanding contract for the Dresden Congress venue, we were confronted with new and unforeseen conditions concerning
the availability of the Japanese Palace Museum. The State of Saxony has decided to begin renovation of the Japanese Palace into a museum to
house Dresden‘s world famous porcelain collection a year ahead of schedule! Fortunately, they have offered the recently renovated
Academy of Fine Arts as an alternative location for our conference.

Of course, we regret that this change was necessary, but as you may know, Dresden is undergoing renovation and reconstruction due to its recent history.
The venue we can offer now will meet all the needs of congress participants.

This complex offers state-of-the-art facilities and has been made available at a reduced cost due to the last minute change.
The congress organizers were thus able to organize additional transportation and catering for the conference. The academy is centrally located and
about 100m from the Elbe river meadows. In addition, it offers a lovely courtyard which will provide the perfect setting for receptions and interim pauses.

The Academy of Fine Arts is a historically interesting institution: Founded in 1764, the Dresden Academy of Fine Arts is one of the oldest
academies of art in Germany. At the beginning of the 19th century, painters such as Anton Graff and Adrian Zingg made the
Dresden Academy one of the most important art schools in Europe. Many other eminent artists and scholars closely associated with the Academy include:
Giovanni Casanova, Caspar David Friedrich, Oskar Kokoschka and Otto Dix.

We look forward to a great congress at the Academy of Fine Arts. Indeed the Academy promises to be a great congress venue for the IAEA!

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