International Association of Empirical Aesthetics

The International Association of Empirical Aesthetics is a non-profit organization devoted to scientific research in the field of aesthetics. It provides an international forum of exchange not only for the traditional areas of aesthetics, such as the appreciation of the arts, including: painting, sculpture, dance, literature, but also on the environmental areas of aesthetics from the study of nature to the study of design and architecture as well as the neuro-cognitive processes that are involved in the production and reception of aesthetic objects.

As an international association the IAEA has members around the world and, thus, different cultural aspects of aesthetics are represented in the association. The executive board of president, secretary-general and treasurer is accompanied by a number of board members representing different scientific areas and geographic regions.

The association supports scientific methods of research in experimental psychology, the neurosciences and the empirical socials sciences, the study of the processes of creativity and theories on education in the arts.

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