Focus: Aesthetics and Design

While the Dresden Congress of the IAEA will focus on its traditional topics in the science of aesthetics, there will be an additional emphasis on the connection to the various fields of design.

Traditionally the biennial conferences have focused on aspects of experimental psychology and the empirical social sciences as they pertain to the study of arts, the environment, or the role of the creative process. It is our intention with this conference to strengthen the discussion of the more recently emerging fields of neurocognitive approaches to aesthetics as well.

While one of the main focii of aesthetic research have been the traditional arts, from painting sculpture, music, literature and dance to architecture, but also to the areas of design such as graphic art and product design; however, there has been little involvement from members of these disciplines themselves. With this conference we would like to especially encourage them to participate in the discussion. Can any findings from experimental aesthetics indeed be applied to the artistic and design practice?

One of the intentions of this Congress will be the opening of a dialogue between research and practice, between questions asked and answers by all of the fields. We therefore deliberately invite designers, architects, computer designers, fashion designers, photographers and all others in the design disciplines to contribute to the discussions within this symposium.

  • Congress topics may include:
Psychology of Aesthetics
Perception and Art
Neurocognitive Approaches to Aesthetics
Cognition and Aesthetic Appreciation
Aesthetic Theory
Bridges between Philosophical and Empirical Aesthetics
Aesthetic Experience and Appreciation Art Education
Art and Environment
  • Special topics are:
Aesthetics of Architecture
Aesthetics of Design
Aesthetics of Media, Computers
Aesthetics of Music
Aesthetics of Literature
Aesthetic Education
Creativity in the Design Process


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